Mark Wahlberg doing Set List?  Dan Van Kirk (from the Sklarbro…

Mark Wahlberg doing Set List?  Dan Van Kirk (from the Sklarbro Country Podcast) is not only amazing in this Nerdist video for YouTube’s Comedy Week, but he’s also performing TODAY at 6pm PST in our Live Stream from the YouTube Studios in LA hosted by Paul Provenza!  Find the live stream on the JASH Network here.

Set List Finally Debuts as Nerdist YouTube Channel Show


It’s sort of odd to us that Set List: The Improvised Stand Up Show was born in LA and then toured the world to become a TV show in the UK and Australia and is only now distributed to the US, but we’re glad that it finally happened thanks to the Nerdist YouTube Channel

Watch the first three episodes with TJ MIller, Glenn Wool, and Bob Odenkirk.