Nerdist’s Latest Web Series Features Set Lister Dan Van Kirk, as Mark Wahlberg


We don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what Mark Wahlberg looking for his booth at Comic Con would be like, but thanks to the wondrous talents of Dan Van Kirk, we all get to witness how great Markie Mark yelling at his brother Donnie on where the Two Guns booth is.

Watch DVK, the brand new Nerdist web series featuring the awesome characters from the mind of Dan Van Kirk with these first

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three episodes.

Upcoming live shows include:  Greg Proops, Eddie Pepitione, TJ…

Upcoming live shows include:  Greg Proops, Eddie Pepitione, TJ Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Moshe Kasher, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jon Daly, Kyle Kinane, The Sklar Brothers, Jason Byrne, Andrew Maxwell, Iliza Shlesinger, Hannibal Burress, Eric Andre, and many more.

It’s time for our regular last-Saturday-of-the-month at Nerdmelt…

It’s time for our regular last-Saturday-of-the-month at Nerdmelt Showroom in Hollywood!

From Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad… SET LIST returns from recent festivals in Austria, the UK, Australia, and will soon depart for Just For Laughs Montreal, JFL42 in Toronto, and The Edinburgh Fringe.  The show is also a 14-episode TV series in Australia, and coming to Sky Atlantic in the UK this November.

Top comics are given a never-before-seen “setlist”of strange and outrageous topics the second they walk onstage, and perform seamlessly as if its the act they normally do, while the audience follows their list on the projection screen. Complete comedy in the moment.

Scheduled for June 29 at 8pm:

Iliza Shlesinger

Kumail Nanjiani

Sam Simmons

Dylan Brody

Neal Brennan

Jackie Kashian

Hampton Yount


$8 in advance, $10 at the door

Tickets and info can be found HERE

Reggie Watts improvises “Misogynist Serenade” on Set List: Stand-up Without A Net

Reggie Watts improvises "Misogynist Serenade" on Set List: Stand-up Without A Net:

From the upcoming UK TV series on Sky Atlantic.

Follow:  @SETLISTSHOW  and @skyatlantic

Also watch for the upcoming LIVE STREAM of the show on the @JASH Network on May 24, and the upcoming series on @NerdistChannel

Robin Williams stopped into Set List at Nerdmelt on Saturday,…

"The pancakes are YOU, Momma - I have issues." -RW

"One day I was buying crack off this Chinese dude... I broke open the rock and inside a message said: "Someday you'll be a famous comedian." -DC

Robin Williams stopped into Set List at Nerdmelt on Saturday, and completely rocked, as did the rest of the lineup:  Drew Carey, Cameron Esposito, Todd Glass, Rove McManus, Rory Scovel, Dan Telfer, Hampton Yount, Hal Sparks, Joey Diaz, Glenn Wool, Fortune Feimster, Neil Hamburger, TJ Miller, Rick Overton, Johnny Pemberton, Dana Gould and host Paul Provenza.

Next stop:  The Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Upcoming LA shows:

UCB on Friday April 12th at 8pm

Nerdmelt on Saturday April 27th at 8pm

Photos by Dan Dion