Nerdist’s Latest Web Series Features Set Lister Dan Van Kirk, as Mark Wahlberg


We don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what Mark Wahlberg looking for his booth at Comic Con would be like, but thanks to the wondrous talents of Dan Van Kirk, we all get to witness how great Markie Mark yelling at his brother Donnie on where the Two Guns booth is.

Watch DVK, the brand new Nerdist web series featuring the awesome characters from the mind of Dan Van Kirk with these first

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three episodes.

Set List to Tape 40 Episodes for Nerdist Channel All Over the Globe



Set List: The

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Improvised Show just got 40 more episodes ordered at the Nerdist Channel to be shot anywhere from Nerdmelt here in LA to The Cabo San Lucas Comedy Festival to Edinburgh Fringe Festival to JFL 42 in Toronto.

Some of the performers that have taped/to tape soon include: Greg Proops, Brendon Walsh, Baron Vaughn, Eddie Pepitone, Jon

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Daly, Greg Fitzsimmons, Kyle Kinane, The Sklar Brothers, and Chris Fairbanks.

Oh, did you not know that Set List is killing it everywhere?

Set List: Troy Conrad and Paul Provenza’s Great Uniter | Julie Seabaugh



There are instances at stand-up shows where something happens in the audience, or a comic reacts to something a fellow performer said earlier, or there’s just something weighing on his or her mind that needs to come out. Tig Notaro revealing her cancer diagnosis onstage at Largo, for instance, or Bill Burr suggesting the Philadelphia crowd at Opie and Anthony’s 1996 Traveling Virus tour fuck the fuck off. The jokes riffed have a different feel than painstakingly written, honed and polished material. We in the seats recognize it—sense those somethings in the air—and sit up a little straighter.

Where is this going? Will the payoff be sufficient when it arrives? How am I going to remember all the details I’ll want to recount after? Anything can happen, and whatever does never will again. Those of us present share a singular, binding moment in time: We witnessed it together.

Moments like these are what comprise Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net, an entire show built around the certainty that anything can happen when humor in its purest form is channeled directly from a comic’s subconscious. It’s just a mic, a series of never-seen and often bawdy topics (“Non-Sexual Moustache Ride,” ABBAbortion,” “Circumcision Pranks,” “Post-Coital Crayon,” “Masturbaking”) projected on a screen or wall, and a comedic mind left to its own devices.

Given the set up, it’s never evident who’s going to do well and who’s going to crack under the pressure. I’ve witnessed Roseanne start out timid before shifting into high gear at L.A.’s NerdMelt Showroom, Mike Birbiglia struggle at SXSW, a purple puppet completely destroy in a Scottish cave and Gilbert Gottfried unleash some serious spite over his firing as the Aflac duck at The Stand in New York City. And of the dozens of Set Lists I’ve attended, I’ve never had anything but a fantastic time.

For comics, the thrill is utilizing all the mental tools, natural talent and years of experience in their arsenal as each new topic appears. Wondering 1) “How am I going to get there?” 2) “How am I going to be funny?” and 3) “How and I going to be unexpected and unique?” some start with a reflexive response and move onward, some build up to hitting the phrase as a definitive punchline, some choose to circle around and around, teasing and testing from different angles. It’s intimidating yet compelling, and it’s also unifying. Only comics who have participated—boldfacers Fred Willard, Drew Carey, Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams, Bob Odenkirk, even Mort Sahl among them—understand the specific fear it generates. And when they succeed, they’re further united by the common thrill of creating humor under these specific circumstances. Among the comic brotherhood, Set List is like staring down from the high dive; afterward the bravest kids huddle amongst themselves, camaraderie bound by that feeling of taking the plunge.


Those of us in the crowd are won over by self-deprecation and a rare glimpse of seeing the wheels turn as much as on-the-spot blossoming of something funny. It’s not about “Pathetic clown, I challenge thee to make me laugh,” like shows occasionally feel. We can’t help but collectively root for comics like they’re the home team. Though audience members aren’t the ones in the spotlight, we’re physically willing those onstage to succeed, caught up in the suspense, and want to urge him or her on to victory more than anything. Set List generates at least two to three times more applause breaks, bare minimum, than any show I’ve ever attended. Because in this particular venue, and in this particular moment, we’re all in this thing together.

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Mark Walhberg and a German Accented Rory Scovel Do Set List


Nerdist Channel’s latest show, Set List, the international phenomenon of an improvised stand-up show, uploaded the latest episodes featuring the talents of Mark Wahlberg (played by the immensely talented Dan Van Kirk) and the hilarious Rory Scovel with a slightly German accent. Both are great and completely made up on the spot and you should watch them right now.

Also, if you love this like we do, there’s a live stream of Set List for YouTube’s Comedy Week tonight at 6PM PST.

Set List Finally Debuts as Nerdist YouTube Channel Show


It’s sort of odd to us that Set List: The Improvised Stand Up Show was born in LA and then toured the world to become a TV show in the UK and Australia and is only now distributed to the US, but we’re glad that it finally happened thanks to the Nerdist YouTube Channel

Watch the first three episodes with TJ MIller, Glenn Wool, and Bob Odenkirk.


April 6 – Nerdmelt Los Angeles – 9:30pm

April  9-22 – Melbourne Comedy Festival

April 15 – Bridgetown Comedy Festival

April 24-28 – Sydney Comedy Festival

May 4 – UCB Los Angeles

May 11 and 26 – Nerdmelt Los Angeles

JUNE 1 – UCB Los Angeles




SET LIST website

SET LIST – tonight’s lineup at The Edinburgh Fringe:

11:50 show – just moved to “Just the Big Room” at Just the Tonic at The Caves – named one of the worlds top 100 venues:

Greg Proops

Frank Skinner (one night only – and the only show he is appearing on in the Fringe)

Hardeep Singh Kholi

Paul Foot

Rick Overton

Matt Kirshen

SPECIAL 1am show just added:

Richard Herring

Rich Hall

Henning Wehn

Zoe Lyons

Greg Proops

Morning Debriefing 6/29/11


1) Last night, I went to the “scene” open mic in Portland at Suki’s and immediately thought, “Man, I wish I started comedy in Portland.”  Ironically enough, as I’m dropping in from LA, the entire Portland comedy scene, which apparently was in attendance, was saying good bye to one of their heroes Richard Bain, who is coming down to LA.  From the greenest-of-the-green-newbies to mainstays and respected figures in Portland comedy, everyone was there in support of Bain.  

LA is so huge, just physically, and many comedians are so incredibly busy with their own act, sketch group that has to put a video out weekly, podcast that records whenever it gets a chance, show or two that they have to produce and promote, that the whole comedy scene in LA could never be in full attendance of anything.  Yet, seeing even more camaraderie in comedy than the pockets of it that exist in LA would not only intrinsically make for better comedy, but would further dispel that image that LA’s a soul sucking town.  

So, yes, I’m saying that if you’re a comedian in LA, go see a show that you’re not on or go support another comedian without trying to get booked. 

2) Congratulations to Nick Kroll on getting the Nick Show Kroll picked up and Peter Atencio being attached to the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Project all for Comedy Central.  Also, congrats to Comedy Central for making some solid picks for this season. [via Deadline

3) Louis CK on The Daily Show getting Jon Stewart to beg him to stop.  Fox News, are you taking notes?

The Daily Show – Louis C.K.
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

4) Hannibal Buress on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

5) Continuing a great run of comedy on late night TV this week, Jon Dore’s on Conan TBS 11PM. Watch, record, or do whatever you got to do to see it.

6) Speaking of Conan, James Adomian on one of his last days before going to NY was John Wayne in this sketch last night.  Speaking of Adomian leaving, you better be at Meltdown tonight to catch him before he leaves.

7) Neil Hamburger Helper Cards? Yes, please. [via EightyFourFilms]

8) Behind the scenes of the Long Shot Podcast, SuperEgo, and the Never Not Funny Podcast with Christine E. Taylor.

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12) According to this article on Megan Amram on, we are a “Los Angeles based resource for professional comedians.”  Anyone disagree?  Are we more? Did you even read this far down?  If you did, thank you.  Also, follow @meganamram if you’re not already.  She’s amazing.

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