Every Monday Night in April and May, Set List returns to the iO West loft at 10:30pm for a free show.

This week’s lineup (April 21) includes: Sammy Obeid, Matt Davis, Kevin Christy, Whitmer Thomas, Greg Kashmanian, Ryan Singer, Darrin Rose, Susan Burke, Hasan Minhaj, and Jake Weisman!

We do use original audience/viewer suggestions as topics on the show. If you want to submit a topic, simply send an email to: “setlistshows at gmail dot com” with the subject line “Topic submission”

If your topic is used, you will get an email, and your twitter handle will be displayed on the show. The most usable topics are original, usually 2-3 words, and must be something that no comedian has specifically talked about before.

Note: There is no compensation for topics. You must have a twitter handle to submit. Please do not submit via twitter or public forum where the topic could be seen by a performer.

For current lineups, please visit the official Melbourne International Comedy Festival page for Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net by clicking HERE.

MICF will be updating the site regularly with as current lineups as possible.


Watch a trailer for Robin’s set HERE!

UK – thanks for making us the most watched show on the network last week…. the fun continues tonight 9 December with the never-before-seen set lists of Robin Williams, Matt Kirshen, and Eddie Pepitone. On Sky Atlantic at 22:15 following Boardwalk Empire!