LA – Echo Park Thurs. & NerdMelt Saturday

LA – This Thursday 9/27 at 9pm at Rafa’s aka “1836 Sunset Studios” Set List returns to this free show with Pamela Walt, Richard Chassler, Thai Rivera, Ryan Stout, Leah Knauer, James Vickery, Sean Green, Cornell Reid, Paul Danke, and Tess Barker. No RSVP needed. This show is free. First come first served. Beer and wine available at the bar.

Rafa’s Lounge aka 1836 Sunset Sunset Studios:

1836 Sunset Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA  90026   Questions?

rafa's lounge set list






LA – This Saturday 9/29 at 8pm at Nerdmelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics.


set list poster nerdmelt AUG2015 j

How do I submit a topic for the show?

We do use original audience/viewer suggestions as topics on the show. If you want to submit a topic, simply send an email to: “setlistshows at gmail dot com” with the subject line “Topic submission”

If your topic is used, you will get an email, and your twitter handle will be displayed on the show. The most usable topics are original, usually 2-3 words, and must be something that no comedian has specifically talked about before.

Note: There is no compensation for topics. You must have a twitter handle to submit. Please do not submit via twitter or public forum where the topic could be seen by a performer.